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Posting messages / How to add a picture to a post
« on: March 21, 2009, 07:16:26 PM »
If you want to add a picture to what you post, click on the "Additional Options" link below, the one with the picture of an envelope.

Then click the "Browse" button to select the picture.

Posting messages / Starting a new topic
« on: February 08, 2007, 12:49:18 PM »
You have a question to ask or something to say? Remember you must register as a member here before you can do so.

First, choose which "board" you want your message to be in.  Should it go under Herbs, Weeds, General Discussion, Feedback or something else? Click on the board in which you want to post  your question or comment. This will open the page for that particular board, showing a list of the subjects that have been recently posted (if any). At the top and the bottom of the board, you will see some buttons on the right hand side.

Click on the new topic button.  This will open a page with a blank field into which you type your message. At the bottom of the field are two grey buttons - Post and Preview. As you would expect, the Post button puts your new message on the board for all to see, while the Preview button lets you see how it will look without actually posting it.

Give your new post a subject which will let people know what you are writing about. This helps get answers to your questions and also helps others who might want to search through the forum.

For more information, click the help button on the upper left side of every page then choose Posting from the headings at the top.

Registering / How to register
« on: February 08, 2007, 09:02:44 AM »
If you register then you become a member of the forum. As a member you will be able to join in by adding your own messages to the forum. At this stage, all I ask is that you provide a valid email address in order to join. Your email will not be provided to anybody else - privacy and confidentiality are important and must be respected.

Register by clicking on the "register" button near the top of the page. The process is quite straightforward. You will have to think of a password that you will remember, so that nobody else can come here pretending to be you.

Still not sure what to do? Click the "help" button (above left, not this one) and select "Registering" from the list of topics at the top of the page that comes up.

When you are registered, you can login to use the forum. It is advisable to logout before  you leave, as an extra precaution, rather than just close the web page. Members can personalise their visits to this forum, use the "Profile" button.

Visiting and searching / Visitors are welcome, feel free to look around
« on: February 08, 2007, 08:47:39 AM »
The purpose of this site is to share information. There is no restriction here on general browsing or searching. You can click on the subjects that interest you or use the "search" button near the top of the page. Detailed help on using the search utility can be found in the help page. Click on the button that looks like this see, up and left.

This forum is part of the larger website which has information about organic gardening. Look at the very top of this page and click on Home, Info or Links to look around the rest of the site.

To return to the main page of the forum, you can either click on Forum at the top of the page, or click on the Home button. (Looks like this see, up and left.) Enjoy your visit.

Soil, Compost, Mulch and Worms / Soil Fertility
« on: November 25, 2006, 08:44:02 PM »
A simple summary of how to ensure garden soil is fertile:
  • Keep the organic material in soil topped up with compost and organic mulches
  • Look after soil structure - keep it open and "crumbly"
  • Add nutrients to the soil that it might be lacking, using natural materials
Healthy soil grows healthy food. :)

General Discussion / Welcome to the Organic Gardening Forum
« on: November 25, 2006, 08:11:58 PM »
Hello and welcome to the forum. I have been encouraged to set up this forum by the many people I meet who would like to learn more about organic gardening. If you have any questions to ask, or wish to offer advice and information to others, please register as a member and join in with your contribution.
David Corkill
Forum Administrator

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