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Feedback / More Feedback?
« on: April 17, 2007, 05:29:43 PM »
And, yeah, I don't think I will be able to check it that well but you should recall who I am well enough to dig me out of your contacts list. Even in a wide screen laptop it seems to want to wander. I can make my width wider but - well - how about adjusting your CSS to a set value of something like 99% or the likes or setting the margins at a smaller amount? Just an idea. :D

General Discussion / Hi, it is me...
« on: December 21, 2006, 08:03:49 PM »
Hi, this is KGIII from the SMF forums. I am not to be mistaken for someone who actually knows what they're doing but I wanted to include something and then work from there as if I were a normal poster. I guess then, as this is an almost acceptable topic/subject for me, I will include some information.

I live in Northern Maine, not far from the Canadian line actually, and am not a vegan but am probably one of the last remaining naturalists on the planet. I eat meat but every bit of meat that I eat is either from someone or something local or has been killed by me personally. The vast majority is from what I hunt.

I don't buy store purchased meat. I don't even tend to buy anything consumable from a store? Most of my food is grown or hunted with a few exceptions. I don't grow my own wheat nor do I have the capacity to grow my own flour or corn meal. I could probably do the latter but, frankly, that is above and beyond my capacity as a human being. I already spend enough time canning my own produce, drying my own herbs, and freezing my own veggies. I own a business, I have a life, I'll settle for (truly) buying staples from "in town."

I live atop a rather nice mountain and have a goodly amount of land that I live off of. I have a decent garden that I use to grow all of my food and a greenhouse that I start it all in. I don't have enough sunlight and enough days of sunlight to really get a good start on the growing season so I do it all indoors.

I don't do a lot of anything special really? Inside I might crush garlic into the potting soil. Outside I tend to till the edges (I use 4 dozen 6x16 raised beds) up and then sprinkle fish oil and meal worms into the outside edge. I don't fence anything because the deer have a right to eat and if they're willing to subject themselves to being shot then, well, they can have some of what I grow. For the most part the meal-worms and fishoil seems to keep them at bay. The above is based on a bit of age old lore that was handed down in the area, there are a number of native American tribal people in my area.

There are some pesticides that I use but nothing in them is fake. The first one I make myself and that's simply because I ran out one year and found that it worked just as well. Go out and get any one of the inexpensive Vitamin C enriched packet drinks on a large scale. My brand always ends up being varied but folks across the world may have different options. The powdered drinks? You know what I mean? Go get those. I mix it super weak, probably about 1/10 of what one might mix it if they were going to drink it. I don't use the sweet stuff because that'd attract things like ants though they're really not out in force. Right after planting, for the first three weeks, every few nights I go out and spray the seedlings.

The second is a horrific mix and should be mixed long before the season is over. I have extra garlic, chives, and onion. (In fact I've mixed all sorts of things into it but those three seem to be the tops.) I generally press a bunch of garlic, chives, and onion... (Yes all of them...) Into a 5 gallon pail. I press them, squish 'em, etc... In the pail will be enough water to keep it liquefied. (You're going to NEED to wash your veggies but you should do this anyhow.)

I make the most putrid smelling mash... I then mix it, generally, at 20:1 and put it in the sprayer and let it loose. If it is more solid than normal I'll mix it up to 40:1 and the first year I did this I didn't have much to add to it so it was pretty liquid and so it was more like 10:1 for the mixture.

One year someone told me parsley. Another they told me spearmint. Mostly? I think those were lies. The above combination of just plain ol' garlic and chives and/or onions is champ. I've tried about all of it but nothing truly scientific to prove which works better? If I had the time, inclination, and reason then I'd spray one area with one and another with another but in all honesty I have to eat and live off of what I grow and that isn't acceptable to me. I have what works and works well. I guess the difference between myself and most people is that there is a reasonable expectation that if I don't feed myself (12 feet of snow is not uncommon and 30 foot drifts are pretty normal so there are times when I simply can't physically make it to a store to buy something) I will die.

The above things aren't going to help your food grow any better. (Well, the fish oil and meal-worms around it might. But mostly the scent keeps things out of it.) What it does HERE is prevent animals from thinking of your food as their food for the most part. Some may still cross that boundary...

Finally, and, well you're not going to like this...

A few months prior to putting your food out? Urinate in a pail. Not all of your urine. Just your smelliest, you know? As in the first two when you wake up, the one when you come home from a long drive, etc... Piss in your jug and save it. (Don't use the same sprayer.) Once every few nights all during the growing season? Either go out and piss the outside of your garden away - all around it - or go out and spray your urine that has steeped and molded...

I actually had my old dog, he's passed now, trained to go along a set of flags and pee on 'em. He was a good dog and he'd go in order and everything. *sighs* Now I have a stupid dog but that's digressing and I'm only making a quick post so I can check the forum's functionality.


I'm sorry for disrupting your forum, including content you might not want to hear, but this is something that I not only do but I live on. If I didn't grow food and hunt and kill it then I'd die? The very rare exception is when I feel I have to impress a cute chick then I'll take them out to eat but for the most part... I spend 6 months on the mountain without being able to even drive my truck home. 2 more (maybe 3) are spent being able to barely drive through the mud and snow. The rest are being spent getting ready for winter. As this is a .info domain name this might apply to you but, if not, then there are likely some things in this that you can and will consider doing. I hope so because there's no reason for man-made chemicals in your food.

(Don't get me wrong - I could make a case for DDT and the rise of malaria and asking what's more important, birds or people BUT... This isn't the place and even if I won that argument I'm not sure I'd want to win it. Really, there's NO excuse for chemicals in your food. None.)

I'm preaching to the choir though. ;)

I'm off to test the profile function with a post. Thanks for reading. (Mods can either delete this, edit this, or heck - if it is of any value - keep it.)

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