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Hi everyone :)

I have recently found this way of farming/gardening that sounds amazing. I am willing to give it a try.

Dr. Elaine Ingham says that if we compost properly with a little amount of compost we can achieve everything.
We don't need to fertilize, spray or put anything organic or inorganic whatsoever except compost (and maybe extract and tea that we can make from it).

We only need 1 ton of compost per acre (4000m2) and every year we will put less and less.
Why? Because with proper compost we will bring in all the necessary biology (microorganisms)
that will do all that work for us. They are the one that will decompose organic and inorganic matter
and provide food to our plants. They will also defend the plant from diseases. They will make the soil
more aerobic and create the structure that will allow the roots to go much much deeper. Soil with
high amount of these microbes will also hold much more water.  All we need for the healthy plant compost will provide.
And the best thing - we can get 2-10 times more yealds

Allegedly, in first year we will have to put couple of applications of compost(or extract that we can make from it and tea).
After that each year we will have to put less and less to maintain the biology.

Here is a lecture of dr Elaine Ingham explaining it thoroughly (around 90 minutes)

Here is another shorter one if you don't have time(around 20 minutes)

What do you think? Did anyone try this?

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