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Pulling Down Gum Trees as Weeds With Block and Tackle Chains Hooks Etc.

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Author Topic: Pulling Down Gum Trees as Weeds With Block and Tackle Chains Hooks Etc.  (Read 3632 times)


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I've been thinning out eucalyptus trees by dragging some large chains,
and a block and tackle, through the bush, attaching the chains to a
suitable height of a weedy gum tree to be taken down, and the other
end of chains, connected to block-and-tackle chain hub, to a lower
sturdy gum tree or other anchor point, and pulling the smaller block chain,
which gradually makes the main large block chain, on a smaller, yet
more powerful ratio of movement, bring the gum tree down.

There are safety issues to consider:

  • Pulling or Lifting Heavy things can cause Hernias
  • Swinging chains, or heavy hooks attached to chains,
    can cause serious injuries such as broken bones
  • A tree may tend to fall on the puller or others nearby

My safety recommendations

  • Work on small trees first to gain experience
  • Take plenty time to THINK and do things CAREFULLY
  • Wear a Whistle to signal others for HELP if needed
  • Work in calm pleasant conditions, not in wicked windy/rainy weather
  • Work in sober state of Mind and Soul

The main reasons I'm doing this Weeding are to
  • to free up water and soil nutrition
    for nearby fruit trees
    and vegetable patches
  • reduce fire fuel
  • allow more Sunshine in Winter

If anyone knows an easier way to deal with small/medium/large Gum Trees as Weeds,
WITHOUT having to resort to petrol or electric powered machinery, please
let me know.

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