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Title: sulphur or cow manure to lower soil pH?
Post by: chillimacadamia on April 03, 2015, 12:14:11 PM
Hi everyone...I've just joined the forum. I moved into a new house and have completely done the garden over, was just a sandpit and is now headed where I want it to go.

However, I bought 3 cubic metres of soil from a Sydney supplier two months ago, planted my seeds and they were growing so poorly I went and got a pH test. I have been sold high alkaline soil (around 81/2 to 9 according to my home test) and have complained to the company. I will be requiring them to fix the problem as I am mad as hops, it breaks my heart to see my wasted seeds that have grown into pathetic little plants, or not germinated at all!

I realise that sulphur can be applied but I also read that cow manure, composted and free of pestisides is a better approach long term. My garden beds are all raised by the way. Does anyone have any opinion which one I should insist on? My bet is they are going to test it and then want me suggest that I apply sulphur but if cow manure is better, then I will insist on that. I'm really cross!

Thanks very much