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How to register
« on: February 08, 2007, 09:02:44 AM »
If you register then you become a member of the forum. As a member you will be able to join in by adding your own messages to the forum. At this stage, all I ask is that you provide a valid email address in order to join. Your email will not be provided to anybody else - privacy and confidentiality are important and must be respected.

Register by clicking on the "register" button near the top of the page. The process is quite straightforward. You will have to think of a password that you will remember, so that nobody else can come here pretending to be you.

Still not sure what to do? Click the "help" button (above left, not this one) and select "Registering" from the list of topics at the top of the page that comes up.

When you are registered, you can login to use the forum. It is advisable to logout before  you leave, as an extra precaution, rather than just close the web page. Members can personalise their visits to this forum, use the "Profile" button.
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