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Organic Gardening Information

For Adelaide, South Australia and Beyond

Welcome to my website. I would like this place to be a stopping off point for all who wish to learn more about organic gardening, and for those who are more experienced gardeners, to share their knowledge.

Feel free to browse through the information pages, search the forum or turn to the links page and see if you can find what you are looking for.

I am living in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. The climate here is one of hot dry summers and cooler wet winters. (Although, with global warming starting to really take effect now, this could change).  For many years I have enjoyed gardening organically and helping others to learn. Much of my teaching has been done at the beautiful Fern Avenue Community Garden. I have also spent a few years as editor of 'The Living Soil', newsletter of the Soil Association of South Australia, an organisation which promotes organic growing. Despite the time I have spent learning and teaching, there is a lot that I do not know, so the forum part of this site has been set up for all of us to help share our observations and experience.

This website is a new project - many of the info pages need to be written yet.

David Corkill

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